Your partner in digital dentistry

Crown Works Dental Laboratory is a Certified Dental Laboratory producing superior quality fixed restorations and implant prosthetics. We use the latest in CAD/CAM, digital dentistry, and materials.


At Crown Works Dental Laboratory, each dental technician understands that our attention to the details of each and every case is what it takes to be a consistent stress free resource for you, the Dentist, as well as your staff and patients. As a quality & service focused dental lab, we use only proven dental technology and high quality materials to create superior dental restorations which keeps our doctors and their patients smiling.  Your satisfied patients are the backbone of your growing practice. Our success is realized when you begin to rely on the quality, craftsmanship and service Crown Works has been providing since 1979.

Our Mission…

We are a Certified Dental Laboratory that specializes in producing superior quality crown and bridge ceramic restorations and implants using the latest in digital dentistry, high quality materials, and technician craftsmanship. We strive to provide the dental patient with a restoration that is aesthetically and mechanically superior while staying within the parameters prescribed by our client, the dentist.

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